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Hello there!

This is a Vertical Slice made on Experiencia Criativa class at PUCPR.

Its a farming prototype, where you control a character and has to buy, plant, take care, and sell a crop to get more money, so you can buy even more crops and keeping this loop.

The complete game idea its supposed to make you use your money to expand the farm, unlocking new crops, new ways to take care of the crops, making them more valuable and making you win more money on the sells.

This Vertical Slice was made by:


Knop (3dModels)

Loui (3dModels)

Sounds where made by Music class Students of PUCPR 

little video showing the main core of the vertical slice

Install instructions


click "JogodeOficina.exe" to play

controls: wasd for movement;

E to  interact;


DuqueV0.3.rar 22 MB

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