A downloadable game

This Prototype was made for  Unity class i'm currently taking at PUCPR.

Created by me and my friend: Knop
no custom assets where used, probably will be updating with few stuffs we currently have on mind( but no promisses about it)

Red Player uses wasd to move, and spacebar to shoot

Blue Player uses arrow keys to move, and P to shoot.

Bugs and glitches so far: lighting issues

Possible roadmap:

  • fix bugs
  • More maps
  • Custom Round system(Best of 3,5,7 etc)
  • More players(maybe 8 players support?)
  • More Tanks with different values and colors
  • better menu/end scenes
  • Better hud with couple more infos(cooldown, hp)

Install instructions

Download, extract and double click at Tank.exe


TANK!.rar 16 MB


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